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The steps to your new finance hire

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Each talent search requires a fresh, new perspective. To understand your business, the hire you require and in order to work in a true partnership, our recruitment process is guided by these seven stages.

Introduction made

Meet one another and finalise the next steps

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Identify expertise required

Discuss requirements and work out who is best placed to work through the overall solution

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Discuss all possible routes and solutions

Run through the various approaches and offer the best possible solutions based on your needs

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Decide on the best route

Discuss how Tenzing Search will guide you to success

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Deliverables and timeframes agreed

Work out the project plan, distribute and agree on each other’s action points and timeline

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Successful solution and appointment

Hire the successful applicant and finalise the contract and start date

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Diligent after care to ensure longevity

Regular check-ins to ensure the applicant is successful at the company

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Take the first step in finding the right candidate

To get started in your candidate search with Tenzing, simply add the Job description and we’ll do the rest.

Join The Team!

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