Tenzing Search

Our capabilities

At Tenzing Search we specialise in Finance and Accountancy roles. Our remit is Senior Qualified appointments across the UK and USA, focusing on both Interim and Permanent appointments across all sectors. 


Interim recruitment

Interim recruitment is an essential requirement for a large number of businesses, to support in periods of illness, absence, transformation, project focused or to cover vacant job roles. We differentiate ourselves to other agencies because we can identify both Interim and Permanent solutions for your business. With Interim we are able to provide quick, reliable and extremely credible applicants because we know the market inside out. We know who is immediately available and pride ourselves on supplying candidates that we have met and understood their capabilities.


Permanent recruitment

Permanent recruitment is something every business needs at some stage. Whether replacement or growth positions, we know at Tenzing Search how important succession planning is for the strategic goals of every business. We offer a range of solutions for our clients, retained assignments are often the chosen solution to ensure a positive message to the market, a controlled process the client can help nurture and the best way to work to specific time frames or contractual obligations.

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